Robotic lawnmower advices

You have invested in a robotic lawn mower !
Protect it well with the appropriated garage

You took the plunge! You have invested in a robotic lawn mower. You have made your choice, payed attention to comparative tables: a new friend will take care and pamper your lovely greenery. You finally can spend more time to other gardening tasks or just relax!

However, don’t forget to protect your robotic lawnmower and its base station in order to avoid pricey misadventure.

protection tondeuse


Robot Protect

Protect your equipment will help to achieve its optimum life expectancy and even extend it

Get the best return on investment and enjoy your garden !

various dangers for your equipment

Enjoy your garden
your robotic lawnmower and Robot Protect take care of everything.


Indeed, your equipment will be safe from sun’s ultraviolet rays (and moon).

Thanks to its design, the air continues to circulate helping the good ventilation preventing from heat and humidity. If the battery is working with a temperature exceeding 30°C, the lifetime will be reduced by 20%. In the full sun, at 40°C lifetime is reduced to 40%. Robotic lawnmower screens are also very sensitive to the sun.

Protect your equipment against heat will really help to achieve its optimum life expectancy and even extend it.

Rain and sudden showers

Dangers from the sky are various: thunder, hails, falling tree branch, tiles

Rain and sudden showersMost of robotic lawn mowers are water resistant. Nevertheless, electronic circuits dislike humidity even more for an extended period of time. Generally, your robot stays at least 16 hours per day on its charging station (mostly set for working 4/5 days per week and few hours every day). Our Robot Protect is designed to let a good air circulation (recommended by the robotic lawn mower constructors).

Hails, thunder and falling tree branch

Without our Robot Protect, you are exposing your robot mower to those dangers and can cause serious damages to your machine or charging station. Good quality and resistant, our garage will protect them against those risks or at least reduce the damages.

Prying eyes and tossed balls

If your robotic lawn mower is outside day and night unattended, it may become an easy target for thieves. Even new models had an anti-theft system, robotic lawn mower can be considered as a sign of wealth and as the French proverb says: to live happily, live hidden.

 Your neighbour kids or yours like playing balls in the garden. Strength and accuracy may not always under control, it may possible that the ball hits severally your equipment (and not only once).

Garages for robotic lawn mowers, automowers, lawnmowers robot

You’ve got it, a robotic lawn mower garage is essential!
Our range is made in Europe

Multi-brands, our garages Robot Protect are both adapted for machines with lateral outlet or back up from the base station.
Whatever the size or the brand of your auto mowers, you will find in our range the garage the appropriated model that will protect your robotic lawnmowers.

Our robotic lawn mower garages

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