Potlifter, innovating lifting straps for easily moving large and heavy objects.

42,95 € TTC

This is a must have in order to put flowers inside when the winter is arriving and outside once after the good weather is arrived, move them as you really want.

  • Fits the shape of the products that we have to load / move (heavy /

  • Resistant and durable (helps you to lift up to 90 kg)

  • Handles 34 cm each side in order to have a good catch in hand  

  • Let you move tasks worry free 

  • Easy to use and set up

  • Diameter 70 cm

Expédition sous 24H (jours ouvrés)

How to move large flowerpots and others heavy objects?


Everyone knows how it is hard, risky and dangerous. 

Our revolutionary system will help you to transport objects up to 90 kilos, whatever the form (gas bottle, fertilizer or cement, tree root balls, rock ...) and up to 2 meters for the circumference.

Clever solution


Take out the Potlifter from its storage bag. Then, pass two ends of the lifting straps around the flowerpot.  Connect the ends using the specially designed clips. Lift up on the handles and move your pot. Thanks right balance and share of the load, you can easily move, tasks worry free. Potlifter is a great gift for yourself, friends, family and all garden lovers. 

The next time that you have to lift / move something large or heavy, keep your back safe by using Potlifter.