ROBOT PROTECT Side, garage for robotic lawn mower compatible multibrands

Robot Protect Side
169,90 € TTC

Our garage protects your robotic lawnmower against effects of exposure to the sun & rain and bad impacts on your equipment and helps to ensure its longevity.


  • Multi-brands / universal
  • Adapted for machines with lateral outlet from the base station 
  • Opening systems provide free access to the robot
  • Resistant and delivered with 6 anchoring points to ensure a secure fastening on the ground
  • Made In Europe
Expédition sous 24H (jours ouvrés)


The Robot Protect Side protects side-charging robots from the effects of exposure to rain and sun (UV protection) to ensure their longevity. A robotic mower must be effectively protected from weather conditions, which affect its lifespan and performance over time.

The special feature of the Robot Protect Side is that it has been designed and conceived for robotic mowers that are parked sideways in their base. 



  • Max. height for the robot 26 cm
  • Length x Width x Height : 60 x 70 x 28 cm - 5 kg
  • Inox base, composite material covered by aluminium sheet
  • Mounting kit: 6 plastic pegs (22 cm +-)
  • Made in Europe

Non exhaustive list of the compatible models

Below, a non exhaustive list of the compatible models (non-contractual, informative and indicative) :

  • ALKO ® : Robolinho E500 - 700 - 1100 - 3100 - 4100
  • KRESS ROBOTIC ® : KR101E - KR111 - KR112 - KR113 - KR120E - KR121E - KR122E - KR123E
  • WORX ® : Landroid S300 - M500 - M700 - L1000 - L1500 - L2000


ROBOT PROTECT SIDE is compatible with the brands mentioned (trademarks owned by third parties and don’t have any relation to the company GARDEN EQUIPMENT and its businesses).
They are used for ease of reference only and for inform to the customers the compatibility or the origin of the products presented.


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